Predicting the Pop of the Housing Bubble through DSCR Loans

I have become increasingly convinced that we are witnessing the formation of a new subprime mortgage bubble. Drawing parallels to the dynamics that led to the devastating financial crisis of 2008, fueled by rampant subprime mortgage issuance, I see a similar storm brewing due to the aggressive overissuance of DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loans. If unchecked, this trend could set the stage for another financial upheaval with lasting repercussions for the housing market and the broader economy.

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Mycelial Lessons for Securing the Software Supply Chain

Fungus plays a vital role in breaking down dead and old material in forests, and in a similar way, it can also help us learn to replace legacy software and eliminate tech debt. Just as fungus decomposes fallen trees and other organic matter, legacy software can be broken down and replaced with more modern and efficient alternatives.

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Disaster Recovery Drills in Web 3.0

I spent several hours tracking down a small notebook earlier this week. The reason? I wrote down my seed phrases in this tiny notebook, which I carelessly tracked. Why am I telling you this? This management strategy is a horrible practice. Had I not performed a disaster recovery drill for my digital assets, I might’ve continued storing my seed phrase insecurely. Disaster recovery drills are foundational for security in web 3.0 and enable continued access to blockchain assets.

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